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A unique combination of diversity, leadership, and talent approach

Most programmes will focus on traditional leadership with vague concepts to help you gain awareness. Our unique international experience, and perspective on diversity, will help you apply our programme practically in a complex environment, ensuring you get results according to your specific context. Most leaders have issues getting things done in complex, diverse, and virtual environments because they fail to grasp the different layers involved in their success and their global teams. Unlike an executive MBA costing you between US$58,240 and US$92,283, we are not teaching you concepts, but are giving you guidance so you can take concrete actions to bring about effective changes.

Innovative, flexible, creative and thought-provoking solutions

If you are still getting the same results by doing the same thing, this means you need to change something. We will get you out of your comfort zone so you can do things differently and take concrete actions. We use a variety of creative ways to help you achieve results: one-on-one or group coaching, workshops, and tailor-made assessments. It’s all about being adaptable to help you achieve results at your own pace

Holistic and extensive approach

Some leadership programmes will only focus on your strengths, behaviours and how you feel, hence missing the global, virtual and complex context we are living in. Our programme focuses on your specific situation.

Achieve business outcome

Our programme is not designed to teach you leadership, but to get things done faster and better for you, your team and business. Most leadership programmes will fail to focus on the complexity of your business, and will only be designed to give you awareness or teach you. We are not a school. We are here to help you get things done better and gain accountability for long-term results.

Virtual, remote and global approach

Most programmes will only include face-to-face meetings or miss the fact that your business needs to adapt to the growing needs of working remotely. Getting things done with your team is not always easy, let alone online with disengaged workers working from home.

Achieve a flourishing leadership career abroad

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In-depth methodologies, structure and programmes

Our programme is in depth and specifically focuses on the key issues global executives face in a global, virtual, remote environment. We know what you face and we will help you:

Get things done with your global, remote and virtual team

Influence across your global organization

Set clear, strategic direction globally: diversity, global talent, engagement, etc

Foster strong relationships with direct reports, manager and peers with diverse profiles

Develop global leadership presence and influence

Advance your career globally

Collaborate effectively in a global, virtual and remote world

Have a high-performing, diverse team working face-to-face and virtually

Lead global change effectively

Achieve guided, action-oriented results focusing on the outcomes and impact of coaching

Gain clarity, direct feedback and challenging questions with an interactive and open approach

With increased pressure and demands, you may not have the time to think about what to do. More often than not, you do not get feedback to help you change and get things done differently. We will help you gain perspective and challenge you to gain clarity on what to do next.

High-quality support, with a tailor-made and personal approach

We work with a limited number of clients to provide a unique, tailor-made approach. This is an exclusive programme in which we support you via:




Setting up calls to talk


Having check-ins


Scheduled meetings

We focus on your success and help you be accountable to achieve results.

Guided, action-oriented results focusing on outcomes, behavioural measurements and impacts of coaching

Unlike other programmes, we concentrate on the outcome rather than a set of dedicated hours. We do not focus on simple solutions or vague trends. We will help you get long-term results during the timeframe with weekly calls, check-ins, emails, assessments, by performing 360-degree verbal feedback, and by reviewing your strategies to help you achieve the best possible outcomes. We do not focus on quick fixes for complex solutions, but help you take concrete actions for long-term results.

Achieve a flourishing leadership career abroad

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